Reduce Your Carbon Footprint By Employing the Services of Reid’s Cleaners & LaundryHeading

We’re living in a time when the world is going through terrible climate change due to increased pollution levels. Water levels are rising, the earth is getting progressively warmer, plastic waste has reached alarming levels, and our ozone layer is thinning at an accelerated rate.

And with more and more countries realizing the threat to humankind due to environmental change, active measures are being taken out to reverse or control the damage. The use of harmful chemicals is one of the main reasons behind ozone layer thinning. Thus, Reid’s Cleaners & Laundry has taken major steps in trying to reduce their carbon footprint by using environmentally-friendly products in their processes.

Our products are prepared using sustainable sources that won’t harm the environment. Residents of Parkside Village can reduce their individual carbon footprint by employing our affordable services.

We offer dry cleaning services for luxury, velvet, leather, and embellished pieces. We also provide laundry services, so if you’ve yet to find a reliable cleaner or laundry service, get in touch with us. Your pieces will be good as new.