3 Wedding Gown Preservation Options

When you’re done with your vows and your wedding reception party, the next phase of your wedding is taking care of the presents, photos, unpaid bills and an expensive dress that you’d probably never use again.

We can help you decide what to do with your wedding dress.

Our expert solution is, preserving your wedding dress, so that you’re able to cherish the memories of your grand gala through your preserved wedding dress. Moreover, if you’re blessed with a daughter and you’d like to see her wear that same dress as well, then you’d want to keep that dress in perfect condition until her big day.

For that reason, we’re mentioning three preservation methods that you may choose from for keeping your wedding dress in great condition for years to come:

Sealed Preservation

Some wedding dress preservation companies prefer sealing the gown inside a storage box. The reason being, wedding dresses need protection from oxygen. However, sealed preservation does pose risk of contamination from various acids present within the box. For this reason, many wedding dress preservation companies offer non-acidic box sealing.

Boxed Preservation

This method is quite similar to sealed preservation, but with a few differences. For instance in sealing method, the dress is cleaned then pressed, and later folded in the storage box. However, unlike sealed preservation, the storage box isn’t sealed, and the owner is able to inspect their dress when necessary.

This enables you to refold the dress periodically. This’ll allow you to protect the dress from developing permanent creases, and also take the appropriate actions if you find oxidizing stains developing on it.

The box’s quality may vary significantly, because many preservation boxes are regular cardboard boxes with acid-free coating. They don’t work like genuine archival boxes which are acid and lignin free.

Hanging/Bagged Preservation

This preservation method isn’t really new. It’s quite similar to the technique museums have been using for decades in ancient dress and costumes preservation. This is an excellent option, as the dress is kept protected from light and dust. The wedding dress would remain un-folded, which would reduce the risk of permanent creasing.

This method includes cotton bagging, which provides better air circulation stabilizing the humidity level around your wedding dress. Stable humidity levels help prevent the growth of mildew and mold on the wedding dress. Moreover, hanging/bagged preservation makes it easier for customers to inspect their wedding dress periodically without the need to re-fold like in case of boxed preservation.

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