The Many Benefits of Green Dry Cleaning

You might’ve heard the term green cleaning used frequently in news reports over the years.

Commonly used to describe the process of using cleaning products and methods which are environmentally friendly, green cleaning has been the focal point of many industries. So, it’s not exactly a surprise to see that the dry cleaning industry isn’t far behind.

However, in dry cleaning, the main focus is not on the equipment used, but on one solvent, known as Perchloroethylene.

What’s So Special About Perchloroethylene?

This solvent was mainly used in dry cleaning for a long time to take out oil-based stains. However, thanks to research, we’ve now found that this solvent is a neurotoxin and a carcinogen that’s been proven to be an environmental and health hazard.

According to ToxTown, perchloroethylene can cause headaches, drowsiness, dizziness, nausea and vomiting and irritation to the respiratory tract, if one is exposed to it on a short-term basis. However, if exposed to it on a long-term basis, it can not only lead to changes in vision, mood, memory and attention, it can also cause cancer.

As for its environmental effects, perchloroethylene (or PERC) can contaminate the earth, air and water. When used in the dry cleaning process, the chemical is released into the air, where it stays for several weeks before breaking down. When it decomposes, the toxic chemicals released rise to the ozone layer, depleting it in the process. With ground contamination, the toxic leaks into the dirt, affecting plant species.

The Main Effect of Green Dry Cleaning

Of course, when perchloroethylene is taken out of the picture and replaced with an organic solvent, it prevents contamination, thereby decreases our chances of being exposed to any toxicity. There’s less susceptibility of any irritants coming into contact with our skin, so there’s no need to worry about allergic reactions.

Also, the elements are protected against exposure. Because the ingredients used in green products are biodegradable, this greatly minimizes ozone depletion, ground pollution, and water pollution.

And to top it off, green products cost less as well! They’re made using natural ingredients, which costs a lot less than artificially made chemicals. As such, you only pay a bare minimum for the product and get the same result as you would with chemical-based cleaners.

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