Common Clothing Stains and How to Remove Them

It’s a glorious day and the weather outside is perfect for an outing with friends. You ring up your best friend and decide to watch a movie and grab dinner.

You’re excited and can’t wait. You haven’t seen your best friend in a month, thanks to a busy schedule. You open your wardrobe to pick out your favorite sundress.

Except…there’s an ugly brown stain on it.

How did that get there?

This is your only thought. You’re always careful with your clothes. But sometimes mysterious stains appear on your clothes without warning. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t do anything about them!

Removing Coffee Stains

Sometimes, without knowing, we end up spilling coffee on the edges of our clothes. This usually happens when we’re in a hurry. Being late for work isn’t great but showing up to work or a date with a coffee stain isn’t good either!

One of the tricks home remedy websites swear by is using baking soda to remove stains. This only works if the stain is still fresh. But it doesn’t work on old stains.

Baking soda can help reduce the visibility of the stain but not remove it completely.

Permanent Marker

Permanent marker! If you have kids, you know where this stain came from. Unfortunately, dealing with a permanent marker stain can be difficult. Some home remedy websites recommend that you use hand sanitizer. But this only works for some fabrics, not all.

For example: it’ll work on cotton but not polyester and denim.

Lipstick Stains

Lipstick stains can be embarrassing (as we’ve learned through Hollywood movies.) But lipstick stains are generally harmless and go away if you wash your clothes in warm water.

Liquid lipstick is a little tougher to deal with and might require a couple of washes before you can get rid of the stain.

How Do You Get Rid of Stains, Then?

It’s understandable if you’re panicking. After all, if you’ve got an important date with friends or an event to attend, not being able to wear your favorite clothes can ruin your day.

So, what should you do? The answer is simple: dry cleaning services.

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