Tips to Make Your Laundry Cleaning More Eco-Friendly

Next time, you set out to wash anything else in your house, ask yourself whether it’s causing more damage than it’s worth. You can do so by reading the ingredients on the box of your laundry cleaning solution and see if it contains any toxic chemicals. If it does, throw it away and switch to green laundry methods!

Read on to know how green laundry can make your routine laundry sessions free of toxic and more environment-friendly.

Wear your clothes more than once

If your clothes aren’t very dirty, there’s no need to wash them after every single wear. Washing them less often would save lots of water, energy, washing supplies, and will make your clothes last longer. What you can do is, let them dry out in natural air after wearing them—this will also rid them of any odors. As an added bonus, you’ll be playing your part in conserving resources. Water can also be saved by opting for dry-cleaning instead of washing.

Cut down or completely eliminate the use of detergents

The detergents we use for washing our clothes mostly go down the drain and mix with the municipal sewerage supply. These detergents contain high concentrations of phosphates and sulfates which make their way to the river water and cause problems for the environment. Phosphates serve as good food for fungi which grow to their fullest and harm other aquatic plants.

Try using detergents as less as you can. To completely eliminate the use of detergents, send your clothes to a dry cleaner and have them cleaned with organic solvents.


Send your clothes to a green laundry service

Most laundry cleaning agents we use at home contain perchloroethylene, it’s the reason behind your consistent allergies or irritations. This substance has been scientifically proven to be a leading cause of respiratory infections, liver damage, and maybe even cancer. Common symptoms of being exposed to PERC are nausea, dizziness, and headaches. PERC is used by a large number of laundry services. This is where green laundry differs. Instead of PERC, green laundry services use a special biodegradable hydrocarbon which is a safer alternative for both the clothes and the environment.

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