Household Hacks to Deal With Fabric Holes and Tears

Clothes suffer wear and tear just like any other object that’s prone to damage. Small tears, torn seams, or loose threads are regular occurrences, and most of the time, these issues aren’t worrisome—if mended on time. But when you let them sit and cultivate, they can render your clothes useless and unwearable.

This is why learning how to mend holes and tears is critical. What was once considered archaic has now become an enviable talent. So today, we’re here to teach you some quick and clever hacks to deal with fabric tears at home.

The Best Household Hacks for Tears and Rips:

Just remember, that while these will hold you over for a while, we suggest going to a professional to get any tears or rips fixed. That being out of the way, here are a few last-minute lifesavers:

· Use a self-sticking garment tape to cover the tear. The protective layer will keep the tear from growing bigger.

· Use a heat-activated hemming tape to cover the tear from both sides. Once set along the tear, heat up the iron and press the area for a few seconds till it’s properly stuck.

· If you have extra fabric matching the affected clothing, cut out a piece of it that’s bigger than the tear/hole size. Take a thread and a needle and stitch the patch onto the tear to hide it. You can stitch the patch on either side of the tear and can even use fabric glue to press it in place instead of stitches.

· A straight machine stitch for a rip in a seam is a perfect solution if you have a sewing machine. If not, use a thread needle combo to make small ladder stitches from the start to the end of the tear.

· Buy a decorative appliqué or embellishment and use it as a patch if the holes are in the shoulder, arm, or upper chest area. If you want to make the repair conspicuous, the best way is to use multiple appliqués so your shirt looks better and no one can see the problem.

· If you noticed the damage after taking off your clothes, make sure that you deal with the problem before washing the item. Whether you machine wash it or get it dry cleaned, there’s a high chance that during tumbling and drying, the tear will get bigger and make the damage worse

The best way to avoid getting holes and tears is by wearing clothing that’s properly fitted. If your dress shirts are starting to slump around the shoulders or you’re having trouble fitting into the trousers, bring them to us for quick alteration.

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