Tis the Weather for Leather: A Guide to Stain-Free Leather Wear

Leather garments add a certain je ne sais quoi to your personality. That’s one of the reasons why they’re costly, and their cleaning is quite expensive—they can’t be thrown into the washing machine just like any other garments you own.

That being said, it’s not expensive to maintain your leather garments, and there are some home-based methods that you can apply to make your leather garments last longer without the fear of wear and tear.

How to clean your leather garments

1. Refrain from using bleach or ammonia based chemical cleaners when cleaning leather, as they’re known to damage the leather’s finish and cause it to get extremely dry or even form cracks on the material. Plenty of water can also stain leather garments.

2. Any spills must be cleaned immediately with a soft fiber cloth. Because of leather’s porous nature, they tend to absorb liquids quickly, which results in staining on the leather garments. They’re not the toughest materials out there, keep them away from sharp objects, as they might leave scratches on the leather.

3. Use a mixture of dish soap and warm water as the cleaning agent, and wipe your jacket by dipping a soft fiber cloth into the mixture. You may also use a vinegar solution. Afterwards, simply dry the leather garments using a towel.

How to remove stains from Leather Garments.

Use Toothpaste

Get your hands on non-gel toothpaste and gently apply some of it on the stain spots with your finger. Rub the paste gently on the stain spots, until the stain disappears, make sure you don’t scrub, or else you’d be risking scratches or discoloration on your leather garments.

Use nail Polish Removers

Make use of cotton swabs by dipping them in nail polish removers, and blotting the stained area with them. Be sure to blot gently, till the stain disappears. Use a clean and damp cloth for cleaning and a towel for drying.

Use Baking Soda

Use baking soda to tackle all the oil and grease stains on your leather stains. Simply sprinkle a bit of baking soda on the stained spot and rub it down gently using a clean damp cloth. Allow the soda to immerse itself into the stain overnight, once you’ve noticed the soda has absorbed the oily/greasy stains, and wipe it off using a soft piece of cloth.

Use Alcohol

If your leather garments start to develop mold or mildew, the best solution available for their removal is alcohol. Firstly, create an alcoholic solution and immerse a soft cloth in the solution, and gently wipe the cloth on the mold affected area.

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