The Best Laundry Room Organization Ideas

Laundry rooms are small, cozy, and perhaps one of the most ignored spaces in the house.. We almost never think twice about giving it the attention it needs simply because it’s hidden from guests and visitors.

Allow us to break your bubble. Not giving your laundry room the right care can damage both your clothes and the appliances. A well-ventilated, organized, and brightly lit laundry room is pleasing to the eyes and makes things convenient for you.

We’ve compiled a few ideas which might help you revamp your laundry room and give it that extra spark:

Add additional shelves


If your laundry room has dirty clothes lying here and there, it can get very hard for you to sort them. Shelves will make it easy for you to categorize them. You can put up labels on the clothes which are for regular laundering and the ones for dry-cleaning. You can even pile similar colors together making washing more convenient.

These shelves hold all the clothes which were previously scattered all over the floor, making the room look cleaner and more spacious. To enhance the aesthetics, get pretty shelves to suit the colors of walls.


Colorful baskets

Laundry rooms are a lot of hassle if you share it with your siblings or partners, especially if everyone has different dry-cleaning schedules. A better idea to solve the issue is to get separate color-coded baskets. Things are a lot easier if everyone has their own laundry basket and deals with their clothes on their own.

In addition, you can also get more baskets to keep washing supplies in one place. Instead of having half-used boxes of detergents lying on the floor, put them in a pretty little container. For smaller things like drying clips, you don’t have to spend much. Just use an empty candy jar.

Don’t keep dirty clothes stored for too long

If your clothes are damp with sweat or because of rain, try your best to send them for dry-cleaning as frequently as you can. Damp clothes lead to formation of mold which can turn out be a menace for your laundry room. When stored for too long, dirty clothes give off an unpleasant odor which gets unbearable after a time. 

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