Leather Jacket Cleaning 101

Now that you think about it, your beloved leather jacket may have seen better days. Sure, it’s still a staple in your wardrobe, (not to mention, in fashion) but it’s starting to look a little… ripe.

Let’s see how we can bring it back to its former glory, shall we!

A Short Guide on Leather Jacket Cleaning

Know Your Leather

Check the tag inside the jacket and find out what its specific care instructions are. The care label has all the details, down to what the water temperature should be when washing your jacket. If you’re cleaning your jacket at home, DON’T deviate from the instructions.

Protect it from the Elements

Especially if you’re going to be wearing it out in the rain or snow. Use a moisture protectant or a protection spray and re-apply it according to how the instructions tell you. Spray it from seam to seam so there’s no bits left unprotected.

Know the Basics of Damage Control

If you accidentally spill something on your jacket, don’t start frantically rubbing it with any piece of cloth. Instead, dab it or blot it with a clean cloth. And let it dry naturally. Do not put it in the dryer.

Hang It

Never fold your leather jacket or fling it to the corner of your wardrobe. If you want it to maintain its structure, always hang it up using a sturdy wooden hanger.

Don’t Suffocate It

When your jacket comes back from the dry cleaners, take the plastic off it right away and hang it up. Leaving the plastic on may dry out the leather causing it to look flaky.

Always Empty Your Pockets

Tissues, extra change, that odd gum wrapper or two – remove all of it when you’re not using the jacket, otherwise the leather will stretch.

What about Dry Cleaning my Jacket?

Truth be told, if you truly want to keep your leather supple and in good condition, look for cleaners who strictly use organic solvents.

Leather is a natural material, it’s not meant to be washed by chemicals. If you take your jacket to any cleaner, they’ll probably end up drying it out and ruining it.

If you want the best for your leather jacket, have it cleaned with love and care! Contact us to find out how we make sure that your leather jacket stays in top shape!

We only use green products in our cleaning treatments!