It’s Never too Latte! What to Do About Coffee Stains

You love your coffee.

But if you had to make one complaint, it would be that you wish it wouldn’t stain your clothes so much.

Alas, stain it does! And it doesn’t help that you’re clumsy to begin with. So what should you do when your inability to hold your cup upright causes you to ruin so many of your favorite outfits?

Here are some tips you could use!

Easy Ways to Remove Coffee Stains Off Your Clothes

-Fix Fresh Stains Quickly

Don’t wait around for the stain to dry. If it’s still fresh, use cold water. Run it through the stain from the back so that the coffee stain can get washed out. Gently pat the area around the stain and keep it under water until the stain completely goes away.

If it doesn’t though, follow the next step.

-Use a Bit of Laundry Detergent

If cold water isn’t doing the trick anymore, this means that the stain has settled in. In this case, use liquid washing detergent. If the stain is fairly fresh, let the detergent stay on the fabric for 3–5 minutes before gently rubbing it in.

If the stain is old though, soak the fabric in water after you’ve applied the detergent. At 5 minute intervals, rub the stain between your fingers and thumb. Do so for 30 minutes. If the stain remains, soak the garment in warm water for 5 minutes or more. Then rinse thoroughly.

-Use a Stain Remover

Stain removal gels and sprays usually do the trick. Apply it to the stain; let it sit for around 5 minutes, then wash as you normally would.

-Be Careful with Stubborn Stains

Always check that the coffee stain has been removed before you put your clothes in the dryer. If there’s any hint that the stain is still there, follow the steps above, and let the clothing air dry. After it has dried, hold up the garment to the light to see if there’s any hint of discoloration.

-Take the Garment to the Dry Cleaner

Even the best DIY tips can’t help if the stain has already settled in. So if that’s the case then it would be best if you take the garment to a dry cleaner like Reid’s Dry Cleaner and Laundry. As expert cleaners, we’ll have no trouble taking out that stubborn stain.


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